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Due to public health and safety concerns, the Marble. However, we continue to operate and would be happy to provide you estimates and samples for your next project. We invite our customers to browse our extensive inventory online, as we can also send you additional photos upon request. To get in touch with our team, please call or email us at sales marble.

We look forward to working with you! Selecting the perfect countertop edge profile can be just as big of a decision as the counters themselves. With a seemingly endless number of options to choose fromit can be a difficult task to determine what is the best fit your marble or granite countertop project.

Being knowledgeable about the form and function of different edges will have you feeling confident when you make your final selection at your natural stone fabricator.

It will even open up some creative designs ideas, such as pairing some popular edge profiles together for a unique and decorative style. There are several factors to take into account when considering edge profiles for your countertop. First is style. The type of edge profile should match the style of your project. For modern and contemporary decors, Straight or Quarter Bevel edges are ideal because they provide clean lines and sharp angles, which are concomitant with these design schemes.

For modern vanity granite tops in master bathrooms, Quarter Round can also provide a stylish look. More intricate edges like Cove Bullnose, Cove Ogee, or Cove DuPont will compliment the look of a Traditional setting because of their regal appearance. Traditional kitchens are known for eye-catching architectural and decorative features that are both elegant and distinguished. Elements such as chandeliers, crown molding, and extravagant overhangs will all be flattered by the curved natures of the edge mentioned above profiles on all traditional countertop colors.

Another component to take into consideration is the function of the space. Simple, rounded edges, such as Quarter Round, Half Bullnose, and Full Bullnose will be better suited in high-traffic areas more so than edge profiles with radical angles. If children are frequently in your kitchen, then a straight edge for your granite countertops is better off avoided to prevent any potential injuries.

Although, these two kitchen styles are popular, in our experience here at Marble. We often see kitchens that are primarily traditional in style but use modern, straight edges for their granite counters. Alternately, a homeowner may have a modern-style kitchen and use quarter round edges instead of the more common angular edges. What is important to remember here is that the rules are meant to be broken. The level of maintenance required for your edge profile may also influence your choice.

The basic rule is that simpler edges require less maintenance, while dirt and dust can collect in the complex edge profiles. With that in mind, we recommend more complex edge profiles for areas of lower traffic, such as master bathroom vanity granite tops.

At Marble. When it comes to countertop edgesif you can dream it, we can make it--the possibilities are truly endless.

Advice on Granite Countertop Edges from Nicolai Diamant

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Edgy Ideas for Countertop Edges

To custom order one of our quality solid surfacequartzor laminate countertop stylesyou must measure the space and take note of windows, sinks, or anything else that may need to be taken into consideration. To learn how to measure your kitchen and plan the design of your new countertops and cabinets, consult our Kitchen Cabinet Planning Guide.Once you have decided on the best countertop material for your home improvement project, it may seem that choosing the color of your new counters is the most important decision left to take in order to ensure the perfect design for your space.

And while the color and patterns of your new countertops will definitely have a big impact on the overall appearance of the room, it is another easily overlooked detail — the countertop edge profile — that will affect the efficiency, safety and style of your new kitchen or bathroom to a much greater extent. If you have set your mind on granite — the most popular countertop material among contemporary homeowners, you will have certainly spent a lot of time and effort picking the best granite slab for your new counters — one that will perfectly complete the style of your dream kitchen or bathroom.

When choosing the edge for your granite countertop, however, it is not only the aesthetic appeal, but also the practicality of the design that you need to consider. Some granite countertop edges are better than others in terms of safety, comfort, and ease of maintenance.

To be able to make the right choice for your new granite countertopsyou need to know your options and the specific advantages and disadvantages of the different types of granite countertop edges. A square edge granite countertop helps emphasize all the lovely details of your kitchen decor. Despite their name, straight edges are not really sharp — the corners are slightly rounded to protect the stone from damage and prevent injuries.

You have the flexibility to customize the extent of rounding to suit your aesthetic preferences and the overall style of your kitchen — the top edge can be quite rounded or just barely softened. If you wish for a modern, contemporary design or want your countertops to look sleek but simple, the square granite countertop edge profile may be ideal for you.

Have in mind though that a completely square edge is not recommended, as it would be razor sharp and very dangerous. Even if you want a perfectly square-looking design, the edge should be eased a little so that it becomes less sharp and less likely to chip or break if accidentally hit generally, the square edge has a small rounded top and bottom with a flat edge in the center.

Simple and elegant, the eased edge is the most commonly used granite countertop edge profile. This profile gives granite countertops the thickest look possible. With its sleek and angled look, the beveled edge is one of the most popular granite countertop edges, especially in elegant, contemporary designs. It has a clipped flat corner, usually on a degree angle. Beveled edge granite countertops are easy to clean and keep in excellent condition due to their simple, flat design.

If you are looking for greater impact and extra dimension in your granite countertop edge profile, the double bevel is your perfect choice.

It is an edge with two degree or bigger angles, one on top and one on the bottom. The angles are usually squared down, reflecting more light the double bevel catches light on both sides of the bevel and making the room appear brighter and more luxurious.

Just like the bevel edge, the double bevel edge can also be customized with difference size angles and width. The big bevel brings out the veining in the stone and looks great in both traditional and contemporary designs.

You can even go one step further and opt for a double quarter round edge that has a pencil round edge on both the top and bottom side of the granite slab. This will give the countertop an even thinner and cleaner look.

Good to remember: What you need to keep in mind when choosing granite countertop edges for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project is that sharp angle edges make the outline of your countertops stand out.Due to public health and safety concerns, the Marble.

However, we continue to operate and would be happy to provide you estimates and samples for your next project. We invite our customers to browse our extensive inventory online, as we can also send you additional photos upon request. To get in touch with our team, please call or email us at sales marble. We look forward to working with you! Quartz countertops will offer you a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to color and styles. But your selection is not limited to just different colors and styles, as there are also many edge profiles you can choose for your new countertop.

This guide will walk you through what your countertop edge options are for quartz, along with other helpful information about the material. Quartz is a beautiful and durable engineered stone countertop material. It is manufactured by combining around 90 percent ground natural quartz with about 10 percent polyresin, although these numbers can vary slightly based on different brands.

Despite not being natural stone, quartz is a very popular choice among homeowners looking for new countertops. The surfaces can be found in virtually any color and style that you could want for your home.

Beyond countertops, quartz is an excellent choice for other home surfaces, such as backsplashes. As mentioned above, you will have several options when it comes to quartz countertop edges.

This section will explain in further detail what edge styles you can have for your new quartz countertop. Not all edges fall in the same category. As you can expect, premium edges will come at a higher cost than standard edges.

Standard edges are very common for quartz countertops, and stone countertops in general. The following edge profiles are your best options when it comes to selecting a standard edge for your quartz countertop. The straight edge is a square edge that is rounded ever so slightly to prevent damage to the countertop or injuries.

countertop edges

If you are looking to incorporate some style to the edge of your quartz countertop, consider choosing a Half Bevel edge. This edge is subtle, yet very stylish.

Options for Countertop Edge Treatments

It will allow any water that may be spilled to run off the countertop without damaging the cabinets below. Between its beauty and function, this edge is a great option for any countertop. The slight curve of the Quarter Round edge will make your countertop appear slightly thicker.

This edge is a great fit for either traditional or modern kitchen designs.

countertop edges

In addition to your kitchen countertop, this edge looks great on bathroom surfaces as well. The Half Bullnose edge has a slight curve on the upper portion of the countertop that leads down to a straight lower portion. Much like the Half Bevel edge, this will allow water to run off the countertop while protecting your cabinets below. One of the most popular standard countertop edges is the Full Bullnose. This sophisticated edge profile is a timeless classic and will look great on your quartz countertops in the kitchen or bathroom.

If you want a touch of luxurious style for your quartz countertops, consider going with a premium edge. You will have several elegant styles to select from that will help draw attention to your gorgeous new countertop.

Below are just some of these fantastic choices. Among the premium edges and countertop edges in generalthe Ogee style is the most popular selection for homeowners. The edge features a magnificent S-shaped curve. It looks particularly great in traditional kitchen settings. It is a bolder alternative to the also-stylish Ogee edge. A Dupont edge will look terrific on any countertop.You thought the hard work was over when you selected the countertop materialcolor and pattern that you wanted for your kitchen.

What Is the Right Edge for Your Granite Countertop?

The edge can complete the style of your dream kitchen. Perhaps the first logical step is to choose between a streamlined, clean look or a more rounded, decorative look. The first type of edges we will explore are standard edges, and there are still choices within this category. Standard edges can be either straight or curved and can complement any kitchen style.

In a clean-lined kitchen design, a straight edge often fits the profile of the kitchen best. If you have chosen to highlight another material in your kitchen, such as an eye-catching tile or beautiful appliance, a straight edge countertop will blend with the kitchen rather than attract attention or steal the show. Despite their name, straight edges are not sharp, the corners are slightly rounded to protect the stone from damage.

You even have the flexibility to customize the amount of rounding to best fit the style of your kitchen. In a more traditional design, you may choose a curved edge to pair nicely with your crown molding or another design feature of the kitchen. Flat Polish is a simple, clean, and classic edge profile. We often see a flat polish in a more contemporary design. A bevel edge features a subtle, angular edge.

A standard bevel edge is a degree angle. At Great Lakes Granite and Marble, we can customize the angle as well as the width of the bevel edge. For example, we could do a 20, 45, degree angle and a width anywhere from.

countertop edges

This customization gives our clients design flexibility that can enhance the look of their kitchen design. The beveled edge typically pairs nicely with a contemporary design.

There are two types of bullnose edges, the full and half bullnose. The bullnose features a rounded edge giving a soft touch to any design. It is considered a timeless classic and commonly seen in a traditional design. The full bullnose makes the edge appear thinner. The Half Bullnose also features a rounded edge, pairing nicely with a traditional design.

The half bullnose give the edge a thicker appearance. With the quarter round edgethe top edge of the granite has a slight radius, about the diameter of a pencil. This gives the countertop edge a sleek look, pairing nicely with a traditional design. The double quarter round edge features a pencil round edge on the top and bottom edge of the granite. This will give the granite a bit of a thinner look in comparison to a half bullnose or polish edge. This thinner appearance is cosmetic only and can be created based on the edge style.

This edge pairs nicely with a traditional design. Just like we discussed with the bevel edge above, the double bevel edge can also be customized with difference size angles and width. This allows the homeowner to customize the appearance of their granite edge. The double bevel may catch light on both sides of the bevel, creating an impact in your kitchen.

Granite Edges for Your Countertops

This pairs nicely in a traditional design.Stylized granite edges on your counter tops can create a stylish, comfortable look and feel to your kitchen. You may have admired the kind of granite a countertop was made of, but have you ever considered the shape of the corners of the granite?

These small details are what brings your kitchen together in terms of style and overall design. More modern kitchen looks with a contemporary feel will tend to have straight countertop edges, while more traditional looks can utilize rounded or bevelled edges for a more classic feel. The design of your kitchen affects the color and kind of granite you choose for your countertops. If you have a bright and colorful kitchen, you may want to choose a granite that is more of a solid color to even out the palate of the kitchen.

No matter what your design ideas are, there is a granite countertop for you. There are generally four different styles of granite countertops.

These include straight edges, curved edges, fancy edges, and customized edges. All of these granite edge design features can be used to compliment or mimic the designs that have been used in your kitchen or bathroom countertops. If you have a customized kitchen island, you can use the shape of the granite countertops to highlight this particular feature of the kitchen and use it as a focal point in the room.

Granite edges can also be used to highlight the architecture of the room. By investing in these small details, you can bring your kitchen together in subtle and impressive ways. Here are a few more ideas for granite edges for your kitchen countertops. Here are a few popular styles of granite edges you can have on kitchen or bathroom countertops. Depending on the type of granite you want, a unique edge style could enhance the look of your kitchen. The Half-Bullnose edge brings a sleek smoothness to your kitchen countertops.

Eased edges are a simple way to emphasize the look of your granite countertop. The Full Bullnose edge is one way to enhance the look of your detailed cupboards or kitchen island. The Cove Ogee granite countertop edge is a highly detailed edge, pulling together architectural elements of your kitchen. The Triple Pencil edge gives your granite the attention it deserves with three rounded edges.

The Ogee edge is popular with lighter granite countertops for bathrooms and kitchen. The type of granite edge you choose can stylize elements of your kitchen, like a farmhouse sink. While choosing, ornate edges for your granite will give a sophisticated look. Ogee edges are one edge style to give your granite some elegant detail. Pencil edges are great for a modern, contemporary kitchen. The Quarter Bevel edge emphasizes rounded elements in your kitchen. This kitchen utilized the Cove Dupont edge for the countertop.

Rounded countertop designs can be enhanced with bevel edges. Granite edges can blend in with the curve of a kitchen countertop area. Next Post.For the most part, the square profiles are the "free" edge styles.

The profiles in this group range from a radius curve on just the top edge, to a waterfall-style "demi" or half-bullnose to a fully-rounded bullnose countertop edge.

Another idea is to mix edge styles in different areas. For instance, cut a Square edge on the main countertop and a Dupot or Ogee edge on the kitchen island. Of course, decorative granite edges are typically an optional upgrade that will "upgrade" the countertop cost a little to a lot depending on your choices and size of the installation.

A thin edge can work well within a modern, minimalist design, however, laminating a 2cm slab edge is common. Laminated edges are also used on 3cm slabs to create elaborate or stepped edges that combine styles such as a Cove over Dupont edge or Dupont over Ogee as seen below.

Combined styles can be stunning when done well. The drawback of laminated edges is a potentially visible seam that runs horizontally around the edge. Unless your on a very tight budget, skip the 2cm and go with the 3cm slab.

It's stronger and simply looks better. The typically free straight or square edge styles always look classic and classy A decorative edge may not cost you much more, though, and if you can blow the bank, then a combo edge may suit your style, but Even a seemingly small element like your countertop edges can make the space just "not feel right" if it doesn't match or blend well with the look and feel of everything else. You just want to get a feel for what the actual edge will look like in 3-D.

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